Can a person donate some of his organs to a patient who is in need of transplantation?

Does Islam allow this? This is a scholars view 

The late Ayatullãh al-Khu’i had different verdicts on “major organs” and “minor organs”. He had allowed donation of minor organs but disallowed donation of major organs.A criterion of defining “minor organ” is its ability to regenerate by itself. So donating blood,skin drafting and bone-marrow transplants would be considered as donation of minor organs and
would therefore be permissible. But the kidney would be classified as a major organ and, therefore would not be permissible for donation. This is also the view of Ayatullãh Jawãd Tabrizi.

Ayatullãh Sistãni, however, does not differentiate between the minor and major organs. As long as the donor would not be seriously handicapped himself or herself, there is no problem in donating one’s organ, minor or major. Therefore, donating a kidney also would be permissible provided the donor has another healthy kidney.

Interesting! 🙂


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