Confusion or Power?

This is a verse from the Quran which is misused!

“And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former times of ignorance”(33:33).

And stay quietly in your houses.” This Qur’anic verse seems to be in regards to the wives of the Prophet; however, some Islamic scholars also apply this verse to all Muslim women. Is this verse directed at all Muslim women or just the wives of the Prophet?



This particular verse was addressed to the wives of the Prophet, but this does not mean that every time the Qur’an referred to the wives of the Prophet it was exclusively for them and no other women. While studying the Qur’an, one will come across many verses in which Allah addresses the Prophet, but, in truth, Allah is not only addressing the Prophet. Allah required the Prophet to acknowledge the revelations and wanted the rest of the Muslim community to listen and administer them.

“Stay quietly in your house” does not mean that women cannot venture outside of their homes. It is informing women of unnecessary excursions or “questionable environments.” Let me give you an example. If on the battlefield there are enough men working and fighting, then there is no need for women to be there. Certainly, women may assist within other areas, but they should not be on the battlefield, on the frontline in combat.

Some scholars also have interpreted this verse as a forewarning toward one of the wives of the Prophet, informing the wife not to cause any adversity—to remain home. Years after the Prophet’s death, one of his wives assisted indeflecting a war against the legitimate caliph of the time, Imam Ali in the battle of Camel, in which thousands of Muslims died.



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