Question about the Muslim women

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How does Islam view the attributes of women?

All Quotes are from the Quran 

Women and men are born with the same humanistic qualities and are partners in humanity, according to Islam. A woman is as genuine of a human being as a man, and must, therefore, enjoy the irrefutable and undeniable rights as Allah’s creation.

A woman is in no way born imperfect or less intelligent than that of her counterpart

“We created man [men and women] in the best of molds”

A woman’s innate disposition in distinguishing right from wrong is the same as a man’s; she is not more predisposed for evil or its urge  

Personally I think a lot of people forget that sometimes or don’t know that! 😦

2)Does Islam encourage women to be independent and self-sufficient? Can they be free to choose what they want to become in life?

Women need to be independent and self-sufficient before marriage, during marriage, and even in the event of a divorce or death. Women should be prepared, at any given moment, to depend upon themselves. No one is certain of what the future holds for him or her. Being independent and self-sufficient can have many beneficial consequences. It creates feelings of confidence, security,and courage. However, Islam also wants a woman to be mindful that some of her decisions should be made in consultation with someone in her life, like her parents, for example

3)Does Islam favor segregation of the genders?

Segregation of the genders is entirely dependent on the occasion, circumstance, or establishment. For example, Islam would recommend segregation for social gatherings for the sake of pleasure and amusement, since they may lead to maleficent outcomes. However, Islam would not object to appropriately mixed gatherings in which intellectual, informative, or spiritual lectures were discussed. The main point is that, if immoral outcomes are not feared, then mixed social gatherings are acceptable.

Let not forget we live on one planet! and Communication between man and women can’t be ignored but we must never break the rules of Islam for our pleasure.

4)  What is Islam’s view on the position and accountability of Muslim women in society?Women were created to be half of society. Women are to assist in ensuring the morality, preserving the safety, and securing the well-being of future generations, and to become mothers. Women were created to become mothers and educators of children, among other significant roles.

In our era, some women have lost pride in being or becoming mothers. The honor, dignity, and admiration for motherhood has fallen. Some regard the title of  “mother” or “homemaker” as demeaning. There is no shame or degradation in being a homemaker or mother. There is nothing amiss in loving and nurturing the family. On the contrary, motherhood is the most important foundation on which children depend.Mothers are the educators of children; they are their teachers. Children look up to their mothers; they admire them, learn from them, inherit their character, their moral beauty, and their compassion.  Motherhood is something beautiful, precious, and important. It is a long and difficult journey to become a devoted mother.

Nevertheless, the importance of fatherhood should not be lessened. A father’s role is extremely significant to the family’s well-being and his absence would create difficulties. Yet, the absence of a mother could be a disaster for a family. Mothers are the threads that keep the family united.

Mothers are the builders of society. They are the ones who foster great leaders, scientists, doctors, husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers. A mother can change a whole society by raising one child. This child could reform a whole nation; in essence, mothers write history!

Also read Question 2) 😛


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